21 December 2011

Simply Vicious

All jewellery by ASOS, leather shorts by Rokit, sheer bloue Netaporter, hat vintage off ebay & boots by Jeffery Campbell (cheaper versions off eBay)

So I am feeling a lot of spike, grunge, leather, studs, black, punk at the moment and I am addicted to the whole sub culture. A little fashion tribute to Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten who would be responsible for one of the most misunderstood cult scenes ever- punk a cause and reaction against glam rock (gotta love a bit of fashion & music history and how closely related they are). The fashion side more famously made by Vivien Westwood in the early 80s. Dying for these ankle boots in wedge or platform. A girl can dream. :)

20 December 2011

Vintage Love

I love Marilyn Monroe, in fact I love the whole Hollywood glamour era. Everything from the make up to the clothing. I find a lot of my inspiration in the movies and the style. Monroe, what a beautiful girl here is a little quote which I love. And the song to accompany my state is Sonny Boy Williamson- his music speaks more than I could explain how much I love this guy. 

I think he is ace! Maybe a little sad but sometimes I think it is worth while doing some soul searching and reality checking, especially towards the end of the year. Figure out where you are, where you want to be, where you thought you would be and how far off or not you are. Life is a funny thing to think how much it twists and changes. Hell I am so far away from where I was 3 years ago, it almost feels like that life didn't exist, sometimes it hurts and all the things that did will break you heart all over again. People who have left your life, those who stayed, the ones you didn't think would be there when times were so shit, but were, the people you never wanted to leave but did. To all those people- they are part of the reason you are where you are now. 

I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

Just something to think about before I leave you with a beautiful quote and epic song. 

“This life is what you make it. No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. 

Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything - they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world.

As for lovers, well, they'll come and go too. And babe, I hate to say it, most of them - actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart, but you can't give up because if you give up, you'll never find your soul mate. You'll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything.

Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don't, then who will, sweetie? So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.” 

27 September 2011

Black Vinyl White Powder

I am reading a fascinating book, Black Vinyl White Powder, on the British music culture from the 50's to modern times. I have learnt how massively the gay scene impacted, the drug scenes impact and how various other factors influenced who, what and how records were sold. I learnt that different musical 'genres' and artists used different drugs and how those certain drugs influenced the sound. I found an epic example of this. Hound Dog sung by Big Mama Thornton, and her choice of drug- marijuana- resulted in the laid back, 'stoner' sound of this song. Black country was delivered laid back and often reminiscent of a slurring sound as a result from the use of weed. When comparing this epic version to that of Elvis' version and how the early white rock n roll was fulled by the never ending hyperactivity from the use of amphetamine/speed, you can easily see the contrast in sounds. I find this mind blowing and as Simon Napier-Bell wrote 'Same song. Different drug.' It truly gives you insight into what, how and who influenced various styles and how lifestyle and even political on goings caused a chain reaction to music. Any takers?? ;) So I will be updating any interesting facts or info I find in here.

Also due to the fact I am now officially a student at London College of Fashion I will also be adding a lot more fashion orientated epic findings and keep you up to date on interesting facts, projects, findings, research discoveries and anything else I might think you will enjoy. The assignments are intriguing and the lectures inspirational. So watch closely.

15 September 2011

Sweet Dreaming

So Monday night, thanks to my better half, was celebrated in North London at Ed Sheeran's album launch party. It was a wonderful little gathering with many creatives and talented individuals celebrating Ed's success on his album + which was released on Monday. Ed has something that some of us only dream of having, and that is ambition and drive and the will to succeed. Ed self released 5 EP's before he signed to a record label. I have seen Ed on numerous occasions from small intimate poetry events to bigger events. The great thing is that Ed, as a song writer, was involved a lot in the Spoken Word scene and I am guessing being around lyrical geniuses inspired him to likewise be one such creative. So big up to Ed for going for something he wants more than anything else in the world and not letting anyone get in his way, nor dye the colour of his hair. :).  We all love and support him very much and I am not alone in saying he is an inspiration to any aspiring artist on how perseverance and faith get you to higher places. If we could all take a page out of Ed's book. Find your light and your dream and your goal and don't let anything or anyone stop you. Now I ask what kind of person are you? One who watches things happen or one who makes things happen? 

On another note, we got talking to a lovely young man from Mitcham, Mr Clement Marfo, who is a talented rapper and charming young man too, which goes to show that down to earth, realness is much more attractive than arrogance and pompousness. It is always so exhilarating meeting new people and especially when they are just so bewitching. Clement has just aired his new video 'Overtime' on youtube and received 11 000 hits in 24hrs. Big up to him for making things happen too. London is so full of amazing potential and talented individuals who deserve to be credited. My mission is to spread this talent to the depths of Southern Africa and hopefully around the world to see what great artists are battling it out in the U.K. So again, I take my hat off to Clement Marfo & The Frontline and wish him and his crew all the best for a bright future. 

Hopefully, guys like this will encourage the lost souls of this generation to turn their efforts to creating and finding an outlet, be it creative or otherwise, rather than creating scenes of carnage and crime. Let's try save this world- one song at a time and communicate on various levels through music and lyrics. It's the only thing, besides breathing, that unites everyone no matter the ethnicity, age, gender, background or social level. Come on people it starts with us! Big love x

12 September 2011


A few pictures from a test with a friend. :) Great laughs
Photographer: Richard Johnson
Male Model: Sean Gibson

11 September 2011

Heart of my heart

So I am sure everyone at some point has been in a situation or instance in life when you felt something be it happiness or sadness or love or jealousy or rage. You felt an emotion or thoughts so deeply however it seemed impossible to express. Well this if how I felt when I sat back and tried to express, somehow, to my sister on her 21st, just how much she means to me. I scratched my head and tried to figure out what and how to say what I felt in my heart. So here it is, everything I could possibly try and say to her but never found a way of releasing it until I finally put pen to paper. 

You would have been too tiny to ever recall
The day I sat by your side and promised my all
The things I promised you on the day you were born
A list of promises on my life I had sworn
I was the little age of no more than three
when I realised what my reason on earth would be­
You were the most precious thing I’d ever hold in my hands
And I promised the world by you I’d always stand
I promised that with my every single breath
I would be there to protect you until my death
I promised that no one would take you away
And I promised on my life on that special day
That the tiny bundle of joy in my hand I did hold
I would treasure forever more than diamonds or gold

Because no one single person who walked this earth
would ever deserve or understand just what you are worth
because to me, you see, you were my world
The reason I breathed as over my fingers yours curled
And from then I knew, even though you no word you could utter
That our hearts understood what my mouth did mutter

And I promised, as side by side were grew up bigger,
Just me and my baby sister together forever,
That no body could hurt you, just let them try
For it’s always killed me to see my baby sister cry
And as Batman had Robin, and Sonny had Cher
everywhere that you went I was always there
And as Bonnie had Clyde and Adam had Eve
you were made for greatness, in you I always believe

It’s been so many years so many ups and downs
So many tears and laughter confusion and frowns
And when we didn’t agree on one thing or another
I know sometimes you wish that you’d had a brother
But I know that wishing was driven by rage
Because you my world grow better with age
We’ve had our fights and screaming matches
The tantrums, the boys, the kissing catchers
But together we always stood extra tall
Hand in hand, with you as my all

And little sister you lost and your heart did break
I tried to make a deal with God to not let it ache
He said to me that he had to let you learn
that heartache will come before happiness returns
and I said I would do whatever it takes
and I begged him not to let my sisters heart break
And although that time I couldn’t take it away
I was holding your hand every step of the way
So when you’re lonely and lost and feeling confused
When you’re hurting and aching and your is heart bruised
I’ll dust off your knees and pick up the pieces
I’ll hold you closer and iron out the creases
I’ll kiss your cheeks and wipe away all your tears
I’ll whisper you secrets to abolish your fears

Because today's your day you turn 21
You’ll be given a key, your life has begun
no mountains too high nor rivers too wide
nothing will happen to you, with me by your side
Together we’ll take on mountains and stars
And I’d let you go but I’d never be far
Because now you are old enough to understand
I’ll be close behind but I must let go of your hand
You are the reason I take every breath
and the thing I’ll love most until my death
So I want you to remember every single day
that I’ve promised to be there every step of the way

8 September 2011


At my pathetic attempt to keep my blog up to date I have realised it has been almost 3 months. Disgusting, disgraceful and embarrassing on my part. But in my defense I was away in Turkey for my little (now not so little) sisters 21st, albeit only a week, I have also been preparing for College this month. So, now my frail excuses have been given I shall be posting a few late, rather late than never, posts on the on-goings the past few months. And they will be great reads as they include a VIP Iron Maiden experience, a long over due Hog Hoggidy Hog gig in London and a poem written, by me, for my sister. 

So in the meantime I will post back on the last memorable experience which included eating up my 3G data on a dirty 2am bus trip home with one of the most beautiful people I know. Lee Thompson, trumpet player for the South African Pork Rock band, Hog Hoggidy Hog. Lee has performed and played alongside many of South African's Iconic bands including The Springbok Nude Girls and Golliwog to name a few. Also as a session musician for the likes of Goldfish, Die Antwoord and Freshlyground. So basically an extremely talented individual.......  Now...back to my story after my little rant of bragging. So on this bus of death trip we somehow got onto the music of the 90's and some of the great musicians that came out of this decade. The obvious few would include Nirvana and The Pixies but one which we really loved was The Cranberries, an Irish band which many of you out there will know and likewise love. So many great hits and the best thing we found about this band is how all the memories of this music stirs the deepest and most often happiest memories of your past. So, I have to chose two great ones to accompany this post, I am not saying they are the best, but possibly my best. Get your browser on youtube and tap into memory lane. I guarantee you it will put a smile on your face when the memories come flooding back. Enjoy and many apologies for my pathetic lack of posting.. 

22 June 2011


When you are next alone. In your room or other place of security. Lie down. Close your eyes. Let this song transport you to the place that is in your soul. Your deepest memory. Let this song take you on an epic journey. Your epic journey. It is deep. And soulful. And majestic. I don't know where it takes you. But let it. You will be surprised at what memories or wishes it brings you. Love. One word we all can use, give and spread. Don't let anyone who means anything to you go without knowing this. Everyday. Dustin Kensrue originally of Thrice, has taken a piece of music and touched my deepest senses. What does it do to you?

20 June 2011

Eternal Roam

So a lovely weekend has come and gone and I got to spend Father's Day with the most inspirational Dad in the universe, obviously that is my own biased opinion, and my beautiful sister. I really do feel blessed to have such an amazing, loving family. Sometimes I wonder what exactly I ever did to deserve these rocks in my life and I just spend everyday telling them I love them and thanking God for my wonderful magnificent family and just appreciate them. 

Today is June 20th 2011, today 2 years ago I joined a  massive group of friends and family in the worst news of many of our lives. We lost a very special and dear friend at a very young and it has been a rocky roller coaster ride of emotions. Ups and downs and turns and nauseating twists and heart breaking stops. It is one of the worst things in the world to experience and I think about him every day and where he'd be and what he'd be doing. Time never makes things easier, it never takes the pain away however Time will never take the memories away nor the special moments we were all lucky enough to share. Today 2 years ago my heart broke, shattering into a million pieces and my world momentarily ended, it's been 730.48 days and at moments- it's felt like yesterday but in those 700 and something days I have learnt a lot about myself and about others. You can never take something away that never really belonged to you in the first place, that he was a Son of the Earth and God's child who obviously needed him more than we did, that you have to find a way to deal with it yourself and to say goodbye in a way that works for you, I learnt that the Human spirit is one helluva thing and it takes a lot to break it, that people can get up and rebuild their lives long after they think they can't and that it is important to love and treasure those who have left footprints on your heart no matter how many or for how long, I've learnt that the one minute or so it takes to send a message or thought or give a call is one minute you'll never regret, I've learnt if you let something/ someone live in your heart they can never be taken away from you they become immortal because you'll always have the memories and experiences, I've learnt that no matter how angry you get at anyone or anything it won't bring them back all it does is decay your soul and you can not blame anyone for things you do not, yourself in fact, understand and I've learnt that time heals nothing- it only makes things a little more bearable and I have learnt that it is okay to fall apart to break and question and hurt and cry and feel like your world has ended and in turn to get back up bleeding and bruised, take a deep breath and try to walk again no matter how much it hurts, that sometimes the answers for your questions will never be clarified and that all you can do is carry on and stop asking. Today my thoughts go out to Sebastien's family and to all his closest friends and those that loved this special man, who we were all lucky enough to know, even for such a short time. He was the James Dean of his life too fast, too hard, too excessive, too young. We'll love you, always. 

This song makes me smile. One day, we all will walk with him again. 

17 June 2011


Incase you are wondering, 'Istigkeit' means 'Is-ness', neither agreeable nor disagreeable it just is, used by Meister Eckhart. 'The Being of Platonic philosophy- except that Plato seems to have made the enormous, the grotesque mistake of separating Being from becoming, and identifying it with the mathematical abstraction of the Idea. He could  never, poor fellow, have seen a bunch of flowers shining in their own inner light and all but quivering under the pressure of the significance with which they were charged, could never have perceived that what rose and iris and carnation so intensely signified was nothing more, and nothing less, than what they were- a transience that was yet eternal life, a perpetual perishing that was at the same time pure Being, a bundle of minute, unique particulars in which, by some unspeakable and yet self-evident paradox, was to be seen the divine source of all existence.' -Aldous Huxley The Doors of Perception

So I recently shot a few style ideas by the talented Blanka Biernat, for Self Indulgent Geek, styled by the inspiring and breathtaking Ange Hughes. Despite the shitty rain we got some great shots over countless cups of coffee and tea, biscuits and fashion mags. We will be doing something again soon, so the excitement is starting to overwhelm me. Keep your eyes open! And just for the weekend I've attached a great song. Enjoy x

7 June 2011


There are some music writers out there that are on a completely different level to society. They find a feeling, an instance, a moment in time and record it in such a way that it appeals to thousands and becomes timeless. Tracy Chapman is one such creative. Her song 'Remember The Tinman' describes- in such a beautiful story- someone who questions the debris of a loved one who has only the remains of a shattered heart and broken soul from a toxic ex love. It captures the feeling and results in such a beautiful way that you feel for and with the song. Life's so short. Let things free, let them fly and don't let them cloud your soul or decay your heart. Don't let someone who doesn't deserve hold onto you, because all it does it prevent you from being your utmost best. Mourn it, let it crush you and break you, let the anger fill your heart... but then..... let it go, let it free. Everyone has a history but don't let that be all you are about. 

The underlying story of The Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz is a story worth knowing. Like Chapman wrote 'Remember the Tinman found he had what he thought he lacked, remember the Tinman find your heart and take it back'. Big love peeps. x

31 May 2011


So back to the grindstone after a rather astounding weekend. Great friends old and new, plenty laughs, many drinks, and great missions. Here is a marvel in itself. Smokin' hot. Massive love. 

24 May 2011

Streetfest 2011






London is the hub of things to do in terms of art, music and various other exciting wondrous things. This Bank Holiday (yes ANOTHER one but hey I am not complaining) Sunday, Shoreditch is the place to be. More in terms of the creative minds- than that of the level of street cred one usually gains from  aimlessly hanging around there holding up walls and pavements. I am thrilled to announce the Streetfest 2011 which unites creatives from various genres of awesomeness including illustrators, film makers, artists, skaters, musicians and writers. It is a whole day celebrating the talents of those born to divulge their thoughts and emotions through a creative manner and arouse all the human senses. An embarrassing tenner is all it costs and the whole day of festivities will be worth more than one orange Queen's face. You will be guaranteed to hear the plangent cries of many people whilst their heads are being blown off by amazing UK homegrown talent. So get your cool on and head down to East London for a stupendous day of mind blowing art entertainment. Big Love peeps. xx

(Images curtosey of urban-nerds.com; Time out London; bsupreme.co.uk)

16 May 2011


So it has been a while, a long while in fact, since my last blog post. Although I promised I would not neglect the only thing that sets me free- writing, I have sadly done so the past few weeks. Long weekends came and went, work started and ended, college interview attended and left uncertain now awaiting to hear the verdict, fingers crossed and pride intact, for now. So my feet are starting to grow roots on Mud Island for the first time since planting them here 2 and a bit years ago. Mostly, I am happy. I feel I am on my road and sitting in my Corvette road tripping along what ever this road has to offer me. And after a beautiful music session with a good friend my song of choice is from Canned Heat, the sound track to Woodstock and the sound track to my journey. Let's see what it brings. I wouldn't mind a few extra bucks in my pocket but happiness far out weighs the heaviness of the pocket, so I am told! But nevertheless I am on a good highway and in an even better mood. My lack of photographic posts are due to the disappearance of my USB chord which I KNOW is somewhere. So when I get that I will be providing my life through the lens of a camera and through my Diana Mini which I haven't managed to get out yet. To a great summer and the possibilities of an even greater year ahead and to being free.

28 April 2011


Today is a cracker yet again in London. We have been blessed with incredible weather. I went to the Kassidy gig again on Tuesday and it ended in a 7:00am home return, first tubes, early birds and me left in the stale left overs of the night before trying not to fall asleep on the tubes and buses. But man on man! What a beautiful bunch of guys. It is very rare for me me to connect with people so intensely in such a short amount of time. Those boys are not only talented but amazing people who just rock the fuck outta life and I feel honored to know them. We had a 3.30am music sessions listening to John Prine, Dolly Parton, The Doors and Robert Johnson, real Delta blues, and alternating between red wine, beers and good ol' Mr Tennessee himself, mad taxi missions around London and not the mention the fucking mental gig they played. Euphoric. Now that my body clock is back to normal I am spending my Thursday listening to a great legend and little addiction of mine. Have a wicked long weekend! x

18 April 2011

Time Has a Way

This is such a beautiful soulful song. Everything about it is intense. The intensity of each word sung, the harmonies of the back up vocalists and the excellence of mixed instruments. So full on. Lovely honestly! 

7 April 2011


So I have been rather ambitious and listening around for some new stuff. Now this is great however I am getting 50 Production Sample CD's to listen to and write and Introductory piece on, so loads of new stuff should be coming up. Yes this is going to be a bit tedious however I shall embrace the intensity of coming across something amazing and I look forward to hearing  some potentially mind blowing music. I have come across a few new bands and am loving Brand New at the moment. What an epic album. Enjoy it. I am interviewing Funeral For A Friend tomorrow night at The Grove Tavern in South Wimbledon, nice change from the over used North London music scene and it's promised to be a good gig. Looking forward to it. Cosmo Jarvis interview will be up soon soon. I promise! He is an amazingly talented guy and his live performances are definitely worth watching. And this amazing weather.x

2 April 2011


Good Morning all! It's Saturday, we are officially in Spring and there are so many things to be joyous about. Here is an amazing song, one of my absolute favorites. Have an epic weekend. I will be road tripping to the countryside soon and I am going to love this blaring on the iPod, lil sunshine, family and friends. Bliss! This is what the weekends are all about, spending time with those you love most. Have a good one! x

29 March 2011

Cosmic Aye

I am feeling a little apprehensive at the thought of doing my first music interview, so I have been planning as much as possible to try come up with an interesting and unique way to go about this. I have premeditatively abandoned the idea altogether and pretended time will solve it. FAIL! I have preplanned my exact wording, hand gestures, vocabulary and questions intricately. EPIC FAIL. And I have thought about playing the whole oh-so-effortlessly-blaze-cool-calm-and-collected approach. TRIPLE EPIC FAIL! So what am I left with?! The thing is I am still scratching my head here! Well, there is a kinda raw red spot where the confidence in my music capabilities used to spore from. Obviously top priority is that it goes smoothly however I don't want to fall into the cracks.

This is a shameful thing to admit..... I do feel intimidated and a little 'uneducated' when it comes to something that is well... maybe considered more a 'man's job'. Now believe me when I say the feminist swimming about inside is kicking the living shit out of me as I reluctantly type this and I am not one to recoil into a stationary position of uncertainty BUT I am having a potential catastrophic moment here. I shall stand up and conquer and take this first step of my musical childhood journey and hope for the best without any epic fails. So I guess I should prepare what material I can, have a beer or two, forget about the camera (which is kinda ambitious when my other job relies on nothing less than that) and just try to have a normal conversation. Hm mm... divide and conquer!

So I am doing my first in person interview with the multi talented Cosmo Jarvis. Singer, songwriter, performer, composer and short film maker, which individually is a handful in itself, but he singlehandedly nails them all. So after my complete bait out for the past 6 hours, I am actually just going to sit back, take a breather, and just get plain ampt to see such a passionate, young, talented kid rock the fuck off that stage and get my dictionary bulging. I mean have you ever heard a song written about gay pirates. Excitement mounts! Watch this space peeps. x

28 March 2011

Skinny Love

Right, so doors close and windows open. It is amazing what you can achieve when you put all your faith in it. We all have so much to be grateful for, health, sanity, friends and family, houses and food. It really is so easy to forget what we have to and sit back and pine and wish and wallow and complain. I think we can all agree with me here. It is easy to go about blaming and wallowing. There are people who are a lot more worse off than you and I. Message someone you love but don't talk to often, compliment a random and smile people. FOR HEAVENS SAKE SMILE! The world needs more happiness, love and light. Acknowledge and be thankful for at least one thing every day. This album For Emma, Forever Ago is sensationally enslaving. Here is a beautiful song for all the beautiful souls out there. 

24 March 2011

Fantabulous Night to make Romance

The view from my apartment window.

Cherry Blossoms & Blue skies. Welcome, you were missed!

So we have been blessed with amazing weather in London the past couple of days. I have almost forgiven London for being so dull, lifeless and grey for most of the past few months. I have forgiven her for extending her winter solace. One beautiful day can make you forget about all the dreary ones. Your bitterness defrosts with the cold, and melts away into a happy liquid of emotions. I guess on the bright side you learn how to appreciate the beauty of the sunlight and not take any sunny day for granted. Or maybe it's the antipodean in me, being used to the constant tropical climate of eastern South Africa.

Nevertheless, I got stuck in the garden, danced, sung and have been utterly happy over and above the shitty depressive feelings I have been battling lately. So celebrating the epic full moon a few days back- as if someone had roped her closer to the earth and the intensity of sunlight- I have a happy song, a beautiful happy song. Although it's about Autumn it makes me happy and enjoy this time of year. Happy soon-to-be-spring everybody in the Northern hemisphere. x

23 March 2011


Well, I’ll tell you a story of whiskey and mystics and men, 
And about the believers and how the whole thing began.
First there were women and children obeying the moon,
Then daylight brought wisdom and fever and sickness too soon.

You can try to remind me instead of the other, you can.
You can help to insure that we all insecure our command.
If you don’t give a listen, I won’t try to tell your new hand.
This is it; can’t you see that we all have our ends in the band

And if all of the teachers and preachers of wealth were arraigned,
We could see quite a future for me in the literal sands.

And if all the of people could claim to inspect such regrets,
well, we’d have no forgiveness, forgetfulness, faithful remorse.

So I tell you, I tell you, I tell you we must send away
We must try to find a new answer instead of a way
-The Doors.

I imagine I am a Native American Indian riding the back of a beautiful thoroughbred white and brown horse. Galloping through the plains, as free and swift as the wind. The sun scorching down, I find a cool place to reflect. I visioned lying on the slightly damp soil, while the beautiful beast drinks from a fresh stream, the sounds of birds and the voices of the flowers on the wind. The stillness of nature and the sweet smells of the forest. I walk through the water and bath in the waterfall, nude. Leaving my clothes in a messy pile resembling the natural build up of leaves. Appreciating the immense surroundings of what God created with one breath. I take an enormous breath of fresh forest air and nearly choke on the purity of it. Humming to myself adapting the tune to the distant beating of tribe drums and harmonies. Searching my soul for my deepest desire..... *FUCK* I snap out of it when I'm nearly hit by a bus. 'THANKS' I bellow after it, somehow feeling a little better. Today was one of the most beautiful days in what seems like a lifetime of overcast, dull, lifeless monotonous grey London. I took a long walk and started daydreaming about forests and open plains and waterfalls and serenity and calm and beauty. 

Well my dream sticks with me all day and I feel like an earth child out of her comfort zone. I scrummage through my wardrobe to find what ever it is I can. Like a drug addict in a medicine cabinet discarding what doesn't calm my fix frenzy. I need to live this, I need to feel this. Too my amazement I see how many items of clothes I have that could be ideal for this scenario. Without my knowledge I have bought pieces closely resembling that of Native American Indians. Is this in my blood? Am I a bird with clipped wings in London? Is it the image of a massive eagle? Has this been brought on by what I am re-reading in Jim Morrison's autobiography? The story of the Native American's? Am I thinking too much? Ahhhh..... I dress in these clothes. My heart pounding, waiting for the fix to kick in, I flop on my bed, spread eagle, my big brimmed hat covering my eyes, fresh air coming in and my incense lit. I have my head phones on and the sounds of pipes and drums beating in my head. This culture fascinates me. I think I will be living it for a while. Maybe it's a fad or a now. But I am going to love this. I Googled a few things to see what came up and I found this INCREDIBLE Parisian fashion label called Moonchild. I want everything on it NOW. What a lovely fashion inspiration, now I can live my day dream partially everyday. Dream people! Don't forget to dream because what's in your heart is in your dreams. Live them and be truly content. Love. x

21 March 2011

Cupcake Craze

So I never thought I would succumb to the cupcake craze that seems to have taken over the world. But alas I have and I must say firstly it is not so difficult to create art work through the means of baking and secondly I am flipping glad I did. I used the Goodtoknow website and the recipe is from Hummingbird Bakery. These beauties are delicious try them. I promise you will fall insatiably in love.

16 March 2011

Hail Morrison

"The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask." 

So today I am having a completely indulgent Jim Morrison/ The Doors day. Very lyrical. Very poetical. Very intense. Very touching. Lovely honestly. 

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free. Jim Morrison

14 March 2011

Perfecting Prose

Dim lights, talented people, pro-dominantly red, fairy lights and candles. I started my Thursday evening attending Word is Bond and event organised by Arts University College at Bournemouth 2nd year students of the Arts Events Management course. Featuring the ingenious PIP Collective- Jodi Ann Bickley, Sabrina Mahfouz, Raymond Antrobus, Josh Idehen and Inua Ellams. Hosted by Alex Gwyther, also a part of the PiP Collective.
First to grace the stage was the lovely, slightly coy Jodi, with her Brummie accent she introduced herself through a poem. A lot of her stuff is based on love and her poem Hold Tight was a crowd favourite. She has a dream like ambiance and takes you on her journey through her carefully chosen words with out you even realising it. She is extremely captivating. The room was still, not a sound and her entrancing voice and soft nature allows you to really, truly feel everything she has written about . She makes you want to fall head-over-heels-madly-weak-in-the-knees in love. She is a very talented young lady that said however, the caliber of talent on the stage that night was really truly something special.
Sabrina Mahfouz, what can I say? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl. She is so in your face with regards to some of the things she talks about. She has a feminist view of things and some of her poetry really gets you in stitches. I love her poem Toilet Break where she writes about what happens in the ladies toilet. Only Sabrina can pull of using words like twat, dick, cock, fuck, 'tell me how you like to suck it', 'do you swallow?'. One thing that makes Sabrina stand out from other performers is her ability to change voice and accents really bringing the characters to life. She is running her play, Dry Ice, at the New Wimbledon Theatre from 20 April to 23 April 2011. Be sure to get your tickets. She is an amazing performer and any night spent watching this lyrical genius is a night worth living.
A little surprise, unexpected short performance from Belinda Zhawi was very well received. This Zimbabwean born goddess has a way with words and she enunciates every single word flawlessly and effortlessly making her set very soothing. Her Mother poem was very touching and when she speaks I just want to hug her. after these three lovely ladies finished their performances we had a 20 minute breather and a few beers. 
The second half of the evening was dominated by the men. Raymond Antrobus, was up on stage and his presence and charmingly good looks make him very easy to listen to and well, look at. This talented young man is off to Chicago to tour and do a few gigs in America and hopefully round up a good few followers. He is extremely passionate and loves every thing about poetry and prose. His on stage aura is always a little jittery but I think that is just because he always wants do his best and wants people to like him. He is a lovely guy and his poetry is something to get lost in. 

Joshua Idehen. WOW. What can I can really?! It is so tough to get across what seeing such amazing writers does to your soul. Josh is a joker and always is taken well by any crowd. He is so full of life, love and energy and this is portrayed through his genius writing capabilities. He is the front-man for the amazingly talented Benin Citythe host, co-founder and co-promoter of PoeJazzi as well as the founder of PiP (Poem inbetween People) which is labelled as 'London's hottest spoken-word talent' by The Times. I have three extremely favourite loves of his work. My Love- which was inspired by his disapproval of any 'real' love poems while watching Def Jam Poetry- in which Josh takes a stab and nailing the truths about loves and the heart with all it's fault. Secondly, Lost in The City which he writes about London as a metropolis and what London can do the soul or strongest of people and for any one who has lived in London will truly relate to this masterpiece of writing. Lastly, he has a poem about his Dad. And I am not going to lie but the first time I heard this poem I actually shed a tear, it is such an emotional poem written with such love and respect and you can't help but feel every emotion as he takes you through this story, however emotional you feel, you still laugh Josh still makes you laugh at some points which I think eases the emotive state of the audience or else, well basically, every one would be in tears. JOSH IDEHEN- if you ever see this name please go and watch him, you will not be sorry.

Lastly on the nights agenda was the lovely Inua Ellams. This beautiful Nigerian born wonder has such a way with words that you are fixated on his every one. He sold out at the Cottesloe, National Theatre for his play 14th Tale. His other book 13 Fairy Negro Tales, has great vector and I loved the graphics of this book and thought it would look great as a coffee table book. Inua is an extremely calm and passive performer and stresses pieces with use of great hand movements and gestures. This man is the Einstein of the Spoken Word scene. An extract. Enjoy.

Spokenword is like sex 
the more you listen
the better it gets. That’s why on long bus rides
I close my eyes and try to hear drumbeats
from Nigeria- the mother land calling.
I be like “yes mum, I’m hearing ya”
It’s like some ciphered world
with armies of sounds
and underground cultures
with talon-less vultures
trying to pierce my skin
and place talking drums within.
 But Hip Hop takes over
and my head bobs to the beat
of a different soldier
and it’s gotten colder
on this side of thought
‘cause now
I hear dreams money bought.

All in all the night was amazing, I can not believed it was organised from brainstorming to the actual event by University students- they can be extremely proud of their accomplishment. Every thing ran very smoothly and the venue and artists were incredible. I really find these Spokenword events very exciting and interesting I have always loved lyrics and this is a way to see great minds tickle and tease you through the inventive use of word play. If you have never experienced one of these events, you really should keep an eye open and if you are a new comer I suggest PoeJazzi or OneTaste as you get the mixture of spokenword as well as music. Well done to all the people involved and all the hard work that every one put in to it. Ace!