5 September 2013

Colossal Trojans

Saturday consisted of an old train ride, complete with thick wood stub tickets and a carriage, into Wallingford for the annual BunkFest. It was a lovely day and the main stage was towering over tons of families and their picnics and guarded by flea market stalls selling loads of hippy stuff! IT was a lovely day I got to spend with my parents. Anyway, that’s my story. What made this day so very special as discovering Ahab, a sensational four front man strong harmonious guitar playing band. Mandolin, banjo, harmonica and harmonies (pretty much sums it up). But rather than listen to my waffle, check them out yourselves. Support them guys, please! They will be playing at Borderline in London on 19 October 2013. You will not be disappointed. Check them out here! Buy their music here! But, by crickey, make sure you see them live here!

7 August 2013

Made from Iron

So, I was blessed, honored, lucky and extremely grateful to be able to go watch Iron Maiden at the 02 on Saturday night. Wow!! One hell of an experience I saw them two years ago and man, they just get better. I was even more blessed to meet Steve Harris and hang out with Matt Pearce from Voodoo Six. I'm still shell shocked. Got a lift home with Ian Roberts and tasted the sweet nectar that is Trooper beer. An amazing night and amazing memories. Thanks to everyone :) 

22 July 2013

Perceptual Perfection

An incredible duo. This is dreams, forest, fresh air, love, soul. This is everything! Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps

18 July 2013

Make a wish

I saw this guy a few months ago I can still not speak highly enough of this incredibly talented kid. He appeared on BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury and I tried my best to whore his set off! He is one cool cat! Check him out and get your free download here!

12 July 2013

9 July 2013

Under the Moon

Saturday was largely spent in a beer and sun haze of Olympic Park, £68 got us in the see a phenomenal line up of awesomeness. Haim, 3 chicks with dicks sisters smashing up electric guitar and Bass- I have seen their name before but never listened to them. They were pretty cool. After that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s- my household been obsessed with this nomadic hippies for quite some time now and honestly, this was who I really came to see live. They were incredible they have some a presence about them and a way with them, which really wanted to make you grow dreads and venture around the world with some sort of bizarre musical instrument trying to find your inner peace. They are incredible artists and I would recommend watching them wherever they are, hell, follow them around the world. You certainly won’t be sorry. Ben Howard graced us with his soulful salt water baby melodies I have always wondered when the surfing culture would spore another ambassador after Jack Johnson, he is the answer to that query and he was even more phenomenal live. Ben Howard is one cool cat! The rest of the festival was awesome and Olympic park was put to great use baked in sunshine, beer and sweat what a great day! Here are some great songs from our beloved hippie clan. (can’t believe I haven’t posted something from them yet) Sorry!

18 March 2013

Vitality in Substance

I must have the coolest Dad in the world. Look what I got up to this weekend. <3 <3 
On the Turntable so far:
1) Canned Heat & Johnny Lee Hooker
2) Bob Dylan
3) Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
4) The Doors
5) Janis Joplin!



Tuesday 12 March 2013- this day will haunt me for the rest of my life. I had heard this buzz about The Lumineers, by the time I heard their first song 'Flowers in Your Hair' I was addicted, I was hooked I wanted my fix and I wanted to see these guys live. I searched up and down for tickets but the Brixton show was sold out. 

Thank you Lord, for a good friend who happened to be able to hook me up! My word!! My life changed. Seeing them live was mind blowing, the entire audience, the entire time, was engrossed and hanging on every single note and every single word. The Lumineers. Changed. My. Life! If you get the chance please go watch them. They made my heart so incredibly happy. :) 

26 February 2013


Hi lovers!! Get on this before they kill it! Insanely, mentally, soulfully immense. <3 George Ezra. This kid will blow your mind. I want to crawl up inside his guitar and live there.

6 January 2013

A very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all! I got spoilt this year, some fabulous soothing sounds.Some fascinating things happening this year. Watch this space.