28 February 2011

My Little Heaven

I am moving next week for the 7th time in 2 years. I can not believe this. I have had a massive love/hate relationship with the excitement of moving in. And after the 6th time I vowed to myself I would not move in anywhere unless I could call it a home with friends rather than flatmate's, and home rather than a house. I wanted a nice decent lounge and a garden for braai's (BBQ's) in the summer and to know I wouldn't have to move for a while.

Bedroom inspiration

I have found my perfect sanctuary, so the excitement has started to mount excessively and I am making sure I have everything I want to make this my little heaven. I will be trying to sneak my huge Jim Morrison canvas banner into the lounge and my Jimi Hendrix framed poster in the hallway. Too excited. Fingers crossed! Woohoo, pre-drink's at mine!

Dressing table inspiration
Images edited by me some images by Nina Holst and Bubblegarm

21 February 2011


A mixture of photo's, necklaces varied some from Barbara's Antique shop, H&M, Topshop, and gem
finds on eBay. Cameo Ivory & Gold Lady. Orange almond flower from Italy (gift)

Antique Ivory bracelet (been in my family for over 100 years- thanks Gran) antique gold & amethyst ring, mixture of Pandora jewelry and grunge silver, Jim Morrison (obsessed) badge , MAC concealer 


        Cross from an Antique store, Porcelain Doll in 'dress up'  (present from my Gran  when I was 12), mixture of costume and real gold jewelry 

Jimi Hendrix lighter (stolen from Sister), Mixture of perfumes on antique silver tray Cacharel- Amor Amor, Ninna Ricci- Premeire Jour, CK One, Burberry- Weekend, Silver spike bracelet- Topshop, 
St Christopher.

I love how this 'mess' gives you a little insight into me. From perfumes, to jewellery's to inherited family heirlooms and beauty products. I love how deeply into me this one picture shows.

I was looking at my dressing table the other day and thought is that messy?! See, to me a place that personal almost becomes a canvas. You sketch and paint and create something beautifully artistic through everything that is near and dear to you. You mix and clash personality, memories, fashion, style. 

Every one finds inspiration in different places. To me it is the people who surround me. I have some very delightful friends in London and I take a lot of inspiration from them. All with distinctly different personalities and their style reflecting that, I love being around these girls. I also find myself browsing throw my Dad's old photographs and I get a lot of inspiration from there I love many things about the 70's and 80's including jean styles and fabric washe and with thanks to the likes of Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Guns n Roses and a few other bands who made leather studs and torn anything that much more fucking awesome. 

19 February 2011


It's Saturday afternoon. It's over cast and drizzly, what's new hey?! The hopes of Spring are no where to be seen and I honestly could have sworn they were poking their buds out last week. Hell, it was 12 degrees. I think I even produced a little sweat droplet. Was oddly refreshing. The silver lining to this is that all the foliage is excessively green. 

Any way, I am listening to this song. John Prine inspired a lot of artists I love the tranquil, pastoral country effect it has on the soul. Lovely. Skip his story telling part if you wish, the actual song starts at about 2.25. That is the beauty of country music- always inspired by a story. They look at life as a story book pulling inspiration from people, places, situations and writing and releasing it through music. If only we were all that talented. However conscious or not you are this afternoon this song is utterly moving. Happy Saturday! x

17 February 2011


Spider webs and moth balls! I actually can not get enough of Kill It Kid. It happens every now and then when a band mind fucks you, badly. Leaves you feeling squandered, defeated, empty, lusting for the next fix. It is like the come down, and never finding that same high without them. They are such an amazing band with such an inebriatingly beautiful sound. It actually brings me to goosbumpingly etched tears.

16 February 2011

Buttery Blues

It's Wednesday. I like Wednesday's they are mutual days, half way from last weekend, half way to this one. They are like the climax. I've been around my Dad the past couple of days and my music selection has gone from discovery to discovering genuine classics. I love that feeling of finding a band or song that blows you away, leaves you speechless, and really has an over all physical and emotional effect on you. I have spend the last few hours listening to Robert Johnson. What a beautiful sound. My ears perk up my whole being changes form. It really is so tough to try explain exactly how some things make me feel. I guess every one here will know what I mean, when you feel intensity for something. 

Closing my eyes. Headphones on. Foot tapping. My mind wanders back to the dawn of the blues. Somewhere South, way South. I am on a voyage of discovery. All my apprehensions, heartaches and burdens melt away momentarily. I am somewhere in between delirious and infatuated. Blues is spiritual it takes you on a journey, it entrances you. It takes you to a place you want to be. It's like that first sip of a bitterly cold draught on a scorching summer day. It is like the cold flannel on your excruciatingly unbearing headache. The Blues is my painkiller. My Nurofen. Ahhhhh.....

15 February 2011

Love letters

-Tammy Bell

I am not one to celebrate Valentines day it is a load of horse shit if you ask me. I spent the night with my parents. It is their 25th anniversary. 25th! Madness! I got to thinking what happened to 'love'? Like serious, mad, everlasting, till death do us part love? People have changed, society has changed, women are empowered and it is career before a family, don't get me wrong it is great it really is, but love seems to have fucked right off this planet. 

People get married, to get divorced, to get prenups, to get their share. What happened to mad head-over-heals-no-one-else-in-the-world-matters-other-than-your-one love? Women don't care, men pay little respect so every one sleeps around looking for fulfillment, meaning, depth, some people have one night stands more meaningful than some of the relationships out there. Old war time pictures, I think that is the key. I think some of those images hold the extent to what a love could be like. It really is quite dooming. I think- my parents have been together for 31 years, married for 25. It is almost like the whole world should stop and recognize these people, this is Oscar worthy, this commitment, still madly deeply in love. 

My life, what ever I achieve or what ever I do means nothing. I want to die in love, I want my very last thought on this earth to be in love, it is amazing how not having someones's trust breaks a spirit. Tarnishes a soul. But it is also beautiful to see what happens when people let go when you fall together. I want to feel fulfilled and know in the depths of my being I loved to my death, with complexity, because at the end of 'your' day you don't take anything with you. I'd cherish that. I'd like that to my death. Maybe I'm a little romantic. Maybe it's all the true love around me. Maybe it's me going mental. I don't know but I do know that if one man can commit to one woman, and visa versa, for so many years then there is hope yet. A little country for this emotive state. Love me, wholly, because not everything about me is beautiful I have my scars, my discretions, but love all of me my black marks too?! This is why I hate Valentine's Day really gets me thinking.

10 February 2011

HMV Next Big Thing 07/02/2011


Kill It Kid


Young The Giant

I have completed my review from Monday nights gig in Camden. Can I say AMAZIIIIIING!! This is the intro I worked on. Probably shorten it. Made it personal. Who am I in the Music industry to give critique?! So I went on how everything made ME feel. Hope you get it!

'It’s Tuesday the 8th February 2011 and I wake up in a house in Archway with a banging head ache, bruised knees the remains of a splinter in my thumb and an excruciating pain in my neck. What the fuck happened last night? Groaning, I roll over and on the contrary to my state of being it’s a sunny day outside, which obviously is rather noteworthy for London, but the intensity of the light is hurting my eyes and my head feels like it is about to explode in on itself. I get up and hesitatingly make the trek back to the countryside of Goring-on-Thames, the idea of being so far away from London is very soothing right now. The truth is yesterday morning I felt like shit, being in the genesis of my monthly torture my ovaries throbbing I was not in the slightest bit interested in going to mission to North London to watch Kassidy, Young The Giant or Kill It Kid and truth was I had never heard of the last two bands, neither did I put any interest in finding out about them, I was feeling very sorry for myself. But a few hours later, numerous pain killers, countless cups of coffee and few wasted hours in Covent Garden I felt a lot better, by this time it was around 4:00pm and I had to make a decision, so I made my way over to my friends house precarious about my decision, however soon the excitement was seeping out of me. Why we love friends, she welcomed me with a beer glass of white wine and some Alexis on Fire blaring, legend. I could feel every inch of me was dying to get to the gig and check out the prodigious band, Kassidy, live. I knew the gig was sold out and loaded with a water bottle of left over white wine we headed to Camden Barfly for HMV Next Big Thing, a little early to guarantee a good spot.'

All words and photograph's by yours truly.

3 February 2011


So I promised to post the music video once it was out so here it is. A great day and an amazing video, and you see my boobs. Ace!