16 February 2011

Buttery Blues

It's Wednesday. I like Wednesday's they are mutual days, half way from last weekend, half way to this one. They are like the climax. I've been around my Dad the past couple of days and my music selection has gone from discovery to discovering genuine classics. I love that feeling of finding a band or song that blows you away, leaves you speechless, and really has an over all physical and emotional effect on you. I have spend the last few hours listening to Robert Johnson. What a beautiful sound. My ears perk up my whole being changes form. It really is so tough to try explain exactly how some things make me feel. I guess every one here will know what I mean, when you feel intensity for something. 

Closing my eyes. Headphones on. Foot tapping. My mind wanders back to the dawn of the blues. Somewhere South, way South. I am on a voyage of discovery. All my apprehensions, heartaches and burdens melt away momentarily. I am somewhere in between delirious and infatuated. Blues is spiritual it takes you on a journey, it entrances you. It takes you to a place you want to be. It's like that first sip of a bitterly cold draught on a scorching summer day. It is like the cold flannel on your excruciatingly unbearing headache. The Blues is my painkiller. My Nurofen. Ahhhhh.....

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