31 January 2012


A little sneak peek into the very first editorial I have done. I photographed, styled & make up'ed for (is that even a word?!). Considering the 30min time frame it's not all that bad. Thank you to the lovely model: Alexis Cayol and my assistant, Roxanna Alina, who were both too incredible to describe. It was all in all, bar the time stress, quite fun actually. So editing and layout time and then I will post the rest. x

17 January 2012

Tribal Queen

Katie Fogarty by Max Doyle. Vogue Australia (December 2011)
Some Tribal inspiration for my shoot. 

Moodboard: some of the tribal accessories available 
at Topshop at the moment.

So, I am finding loads of amazing references for the upcoming shoot and have kept it rather simple (30min to shoot 8 outfits is a tad crazy but it's all we have) so I am looking at accessories and loads of it.:). Some of the amazing stuff at Topshop at the moment especially the body chains and knee length necklaces. My excitement is eating my face off right now. Fitting. Needless to say, a Topshop card's in order for me. This could be dangerous. :)

15 January 2012

African Warrior- Obani bengathinta amabhubesi?!

Tribal Editorial (Herring& Herring)

My moodboard- Original Inspiration

A S/S12 Tribal trend (not mine)

Make up Inspiration

Here are some mood boards for my latest Styling & Photography assignment which is themed Metamorphosis. I have been inspired, after being extremely homesick the past two weeks, to use all those emotions and put it into my work. Talk about being proactive hey?! :). So my theme is a change of mind state and will be inspired by the Zulu tribe and their beliefs in  iSangoma to heal and protect through trance like state dances and connections with the ancestors. It is a very exciting read and all the research I have done has been extremely interesting. And of course a little piece of Africa, music wise, to go with this. Again, the story behind Juluka is an aspirational one about perseverance, sacrifice, human spirit and love through friendship that defies all odds.

8 January 2012

Less is Definitely More

Juergen Teller for Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 campaign with Ginta Lapina & Andrej Pejic (The beautiful blonde male model who epitomizes the word androgynous- he is utterly beautiful).

So I can not live without amazing images by German born photographer Juergen Teller- his unique snap shot style and over exposed images have an innocence, purity and cleanliness to them, all while still enticing you.

It's back to normality tomorrow. Back to the early mornings and late late evenings all while trying to make time to blog, paint, draw, cut & paste, observe, create and relax. To new beginnings, new years, new inspirations, new dreams, new battles, new conquers. Here is a little song to inspire you and mainly to make you smile. Biggest of loves. x

4 January 2012

Beautiful Filth

I am obsessed with Felder Felder and their 2011 look book. I love the rock chic style and the grunginess of this entire look. A little song to match. Happy New Year everyone! :)