15 January 2012

African Warrior- Obani bengathinta amabhubesi?!

Tribal Editorial (Herring& Herring)

My moodboard- Original Inspiration

A S/S12 Tribal trend (not mine)

Make up Inspiration

Here are some mood boards for my latest Styling & Photography assignment which is themed Metamorphosis. I have been inspired, after being extremely homesick the past two weeks, to use all those emotions and put it into my work. Talk about being proactive hey?! :). So my theme is a change of mind state and will be inspired by the Zulu tribe and their beliefs in  iSangoma to heal and protect through trance like state dances and connections with the ancestors. It is a very exciting read and all the research I have done has been extremely interesting. And of course a little piece of Africa, music wise, to go with this. Again, the story behind Juluka is an aspirational one about perseverance, sacrifice, human spirit and love through friendship that defies all odds.

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