26 March 2014

I've Been Searching for a Heart of Gold

‘When it rains; it pours’ – They.

Whoever they are I love the pouring that is currently occurring! Summer’s around the corner, festival will be fast approaching and what better way to welcome in Spring than with a couple new summer soundtracks and bands. In walks Hiss Golden Messenger- chilled, young, and nostalgic. Clap, clap, clap! Claps all around! Listen, enjoy and visit them here for tour dates.  

Folking Punk

A new British band, a potential new summer soundtrack. Folk- punk: Who'd have thought?! It works though: it screams British festivals, beer in plastic cups, sunshine, sweat and crowd jumping ballads.It also, to me, screams The Pogues but I love the combination of genres and sounds! Sickness! Welcome!