8 November 2010

Autumn Awesomeness

There is something about this Autumn season that knots my tummy and sends butterflies fluttering everywhere, maybe its the last glow of the summer that leaves the golden, orangy-red leaves thinking they are our last vision of summer so beautiful that you don't mind the cold creeping in slowly. The suns rays have lost its intensity yet still leaves a soft light lingering in our hearts and our skin cries out for more. Autumn is so crisp and fresh and its the best season to be in love. You don't  need to rely on the comfort and warmth of someone during the winter or the hot passionate sweaty summer flings when you only want it sometimes but you chose it you want it because it warms you inside and keeps your value of love alive everything around you is so beautiful and whats more beautiful that loving some one loving someone over yourself where you can spend every minute of the day eyes closed, listening to the soothing sound of their voice or feeling the intensity of their touch leaving pins and needles when they remove it? What is more mind blowing than day dreaming about that some one all day whenever your head wanders, to look at your phone every 5 seconds just because he may have text you since the last time you checked, that silly, giddy love affair that blows your mind and leaves you panting and breathless you're body crying out for more. When no one else matters other than you and him breathing in and out at the same time. There is something about this season that gets my blood boiling and my head racing my heart pumping so fast that i cant keep count of my pulse. So until winter I will embrace my every craving border lining obsessive emotional state and enjoy it. My Autumn song choice. Listen, love and feel.


4 November 2010

What Happened to Us?

What is it about common society that get you thinking you are the only person on this planet sane, or insane, enough to actually be with it here? What is it about time that passes so quickly before you've turned around to glimpse at it it's gone? What happened to romance? Love? true unspeakably silliness that gets you all tongue tied and weak at the knees? I ponder so many of these things. 

Some times I sit on the tube or on a bus and realise that partially I have become one of the blank canvas faced Londoners who think they are the only sane person alive. But what about that drunk or 'crazy' person on the way do they know the true meaning on 'sanity' when a simple hello have a nice day meant enough to someone to make them smile. Now all we do is shuffle over a little read our book stare out the  window turn u the music, when in fact we really want to giggle? Or speak to this person but don't in fear of being placed in the same crazy loony column? Well today I will embark on my journey, my journey that means I will smile at those I think need it, I will laugh when I find something funny and I will walk with my eyes more open. It's all these sorts of things that get me thinking people everyday people men and woman have killed romance I mean a smile from a stranger that put a swagger in your step has become non existent. Women complain men don't have romance men complain women are needy. What has become of those days when words and poetry spoke the language of love in our hearts, were one man loved one woman enough to end his life, not for a year or two or mabye 8 but a lifetime? Where one woman fulfilled his every desire and need? And what happened to the woman to held herself in such high respect that a man had to get to know her make the effort fall in love before falling into bed? One night stands, and technology have taken all this away and replaced it with feminism and woman wanting to be equal to man? So badly that she lost herself on the way, she lost what she valued most and now will spend the rest of every day feeling unfulfilled? Hmmmmm.... I think I am thinking too much into these things ha ha.