20 May 2014

Kickass, Kickstands!

I am so besides myself and proud of these special Saffa boys doing their incredible thing for the music industry! Gary Nixon and Rudi Greyvenstein, are the two power minds behind the prodigy that is 'The Kickstands'.  Talented in their own special traits and with a passion and never-give-up attitude these guys have grown, adapted and now this is what they are producing. With a solid south coast influence these guys should be SA’s next big thing! Check out Tamacun for some incredible SPanish style guit! Wicked boys!

9 May 2014

A Delta Reincarnation

It is about time I attempt to put into words how I feel about some of the mentality I have stumbled across. Today, I introduce Shropshire born, Dan Owen, 22, the imaginary love-child of Leroy Carr and Robert Johnson. Pelting out, some serious blues notes and leaving you with the lingering sensation of marvelous melancholy. Take a listen to the immense ‘Blues Boy Dan’ for yourself. This kid is MAD talented! Joh- I can NOT wait to see him live! 

26 March 2014

I've Been Searching for a Heart of Gold

‘When it rains; it pours’ – They.

Whoever they are I love the pouring that is currently occurring! Summer’s around the corner, festival will be fast approaching and what better way to welcome in Spring than with a couple new summer soundtracks and bands. In walks Hiss Golden Messenger- chilled, young, and nostalgic. Clap, clap, clap! Claps all around! Listen, enjoy and visit them here for tour dates.