29 January 2011

Saturday night Solitude

So I am spending my Saturday night alone, flicking the channels, listening to music, relaxing, enjoying my own time, thinking, contemplating, appreciating and questioning. Heard this song. It's lovely! It makes me feel like candy-floss inside. Hope you enjoy it. 

25 January 2011

Birthday Goodness

Yesterday was my Moms birthday. I just want to dedicate a little post to the most amazing woman in my life who has always been behind me pushing me to succeed in what ever it is I desire. I would be nothing without her constant love and support. I love you Mom. And Happy Birthday. You deserve the whole entire world.

23 January 2011

That's a Wrap

Okay so I am not blowing my own wind here but I have been elated, ecstatic, enraptured and all other descriptive  happy words since Thursday. I was lucky enough to shoot the new Kassidy 'I Don't Know' music video. I must say I wasn't expecting too much after the casting but I was very hopeful when I got a call back on Friday asking me a few questions about what I was willing and not willing to do. So the weekend quickly passing I got the confirmation call on Tuesday very excited, Thursday finally came. 

I woke up at 5am to be on set by 7.30am not quite sure what to expect these 4 well dressed and very stylish guys strolled in full of smiles and hand shakes and hellos. I must say, having met a few 'famous' people, in my lifetime I did expect a totally different attitude but these four guys quickly threw my expectations out the window. The 4 Scotsmen were sweet, lovely and very chatty all with their own personalities quickly coming through. Hamish was the first to strike a conversation up with me and we got talking about music but quickly cut off due to a new scene shot. Bummer! Barrie oozed Jim Morrison's utter fucking coolness and mystique calling me 'sweatheart' in his very husky, sexy, Scots accent. Lewis was tall and very lovely and funny making me laugh within the first few minutes of our encounter. Chris was cool and collected and you can see the special bond these 4 guys have which comes through in their music too. Their accent is lovely and I heard loads of "Aiye" which I thought was cute and taking a liking to the accent which melted me into nothing. They are like family and it really makes their music something unique. They are just 4 awesome, down-to-earth guys who share an intense love for music and creating beautiful harmonies and sounds. All four playing guitar these guys are going to go very far and are extremely talented. The idea for the video was amazing and a lot of fun to shoot, being able to go two ways, but I really do believe they had the right crew and management behind them every step of the way making it a very successful day. 

A creepy setting, an old unused wheelchair and some dark, sinister paintings later my day came to a wrap at 8pm. Sadly. But I feel very honoured to have met these great guys and will most certainly go watch them at The Barfly in Camden on 7th February. If you are around you should definitely pop down. You won't be disappointed. I can not express how talented these four are. And hopefully I will be getting some sick photo's and a few beers and plenty of laughs with them. I don't want to give too much away but I will post the video when it's out. I can not wait.

A Marvelous Imaginary Realm.

As the darkness decends on your once saved soul,
you go back to a place which I’ll never know.
You once were an innocent little girl, in Daddy's oyster you were the pearl.
You had it all on a tray, everything you could've wished for, but then you strayed.
Your road did fork like many do, but you chose the path not right for you.
You chose a path of no return, now in your own hell your soul will burn.

You crush and hurt those who care, then curl in a ball and cry in despair.
Just like Alice you fell in a hole, and the further you go you lose more control.
Will you ever rise above it all, or will you do again, will you just fall?

Was it everything you wished, as you soared through the sky, 
chasing the Dragon while we said goodbye.
So many have helped you, so many have tried but they’ve all washed their hands, their knots they've untied.
Now they lie on the floor broken and alone, the people you left, while you sit on your throne.

You got what you want you’re Queen of it all, but as quick as you rose is as quick as you’ll fall.
You were lead by stardust inticed and controlled, and unto the devil your soul you have sold.
You’ve reached a point of no return you break Daddy's heart and Mommy still yearns,
she yearns for her princess who can not be saved,
while YOUR knight in shining armour leads you to your grave.

18 January 2011

Light through a Lens

Feeling very nostalgic I dream-walked my way back to a beautiful crisp winter day in Wales. My first trip there and I fell in love with my surroundings, the people and just the thought of being that far away from the hussle and bussle of London.

16 January 2011

Rejoice Remington

The thought of no longer dealing with the hassle of shaving is something which I never thought I would live to experience. However, thanks to a genius invention of the Epilator I can place my razor down with no regrets and say goodbye time waster and cuts. I did try waxing  and I found it extremely difficult to stick to the routine of it and making appointments, plus the expense got a bit much. But with great thanks to my dearest mother and her knowledge for my birthday needs I received my first Epilator. This clever little innovation from leading brands such as Braun and Remington is a little mechanism which uses the ideal of tweezing in a 42 tweezer rotation machine that literally pulls your hairs out from the roots, leaving your legs and underarms hair free and smooth, you also get different heads for different body areas including your underarms, bikini and legs. It is a great little invention but fuck me, I do warn you the first time you use it I advise you to take 2 painkillers 40min before you start your first epilation, because I have never felt such intense pain in my life. YAY to no more shaving though and no more embarrassing long under arm hair moments! 

KASSIDY are King

I was losing faith in music. I was ready to hang up my headphones, and turn and walk away defeated. This is probably the most over used phrase but sadly Kings of Leon killed it for me they killed rock and my faith in it. They were so original and so so unique and special bringing something that I had not hear since the early 90's with Kurt Cobain. I was saddened when they sold their soul to the masses but I suppose money always talks. So just as I was about to give up forever, put my faith and efforts back into the classics who have never failed to dissapoint, turn to the Blues I stumbled across these musical prodigies. 

I mean can you think of 4 lovely, long haired, Scotts on guitars. Consisting of four members Lewis Andrew, Barrie-James O'Neill, Hamish Fingland and Chris Potter, originally from Glasgow they draw inspiration from bands such as Crosby, Stills and Nash but bring in their own specialness that make them, well, Kassidy. Harmonies and breathtaking voices, I get Cobain, Jim Morrison and Crash Test Dummies come through yet you can not pin point them to one which gives them a unique and very special sound, Kassidy are really hitting the G Spot for me. They have restored my faith in music of this era and I can not express how relieved I was to hear this breathe of fresh air. They are a brilliant band with some really great songs and an amazing sound. I am loving The Traveller, The Betrayal, Oh My God and Stray Cats. Keep close eyes on this band. You will not be disappointed. For any information or images or music samples from these beasts you can check them out at either http://www.kassidymusic.com/home or http://www.myspace.com/kassidyuk. Thank you Kassidy!

(Image courtesy of edinburghguide.com)