16 January 2011

KASSIDY are King

I was losing faith in music. I was ready to hang up my headphones, and turn and walk away defeated. This is probably the most over used phrase but sadly Kings of Leon killed it for me they killed rock and my faith in it. They were so original and so so unique and special bringing something that I had not hear since the early 90's with Kurt Cobain. I was saddened when they sold their soul to the masses but I suppose money always talks. So just as I was about to give up forever, put my faith and efforts back into the classics who have never failed to dissapoint, turn to the Blues I stumbled across these musical prodigies. 

I mean can you think of 4 lovely, long haired, Scotts on guitars. Consisting of four members Lewis Andrew, Barrie-James O'Neill, Hamish Fingland and Chris Potter, originally from Glasgow they draw inspiration from bands such as Crosby, Stills and Nash but bring in their own specialness that make them, well, Kassidy. Harmonies and breathtaking voices, I get Cobain, Jim Morrison and Crash Test Dummies come through yet you can not pin point them to one which gives them a unique and very special sound, Kassidy are really hitting the G Spot for me. They have restored my faith in music of this era and I can not express how relieved I was to hear this breathe of fresh air. They are a brilliant band with some really great songs and an amazing sound. I am loving The Traveller, The Betrayal, Oh My God and Stray Cats. Keep close eyes on this band. You will not be disappointed. For any information or images or music samples from these beasts you can check them out at either http://www.kassidymusic.com/home or http://www.myspace.com/kassidyuk. Thank you Kassidy!

(Image courtesy of edinburghguide.com)

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