16 January 2011

Rejoice Remington

The thought of no longer dealing with the hassle of shaving is something which I never thought I would live to experience. However, thanks to a genius invention of the Epilator I can place my razor down with no regrets and say goodbye time waster and cuts. I did try waxing  and I found it extremely difficult to stick to the routine of it and making appointments, plus the expense got a bit much. But with great thanks to my dearest mother and her knowledge for my birthday needs I received my first Epilator. This clever little innovation from leading brands such as Braun and Remington is a little mechanism which uses the ideal of tweezing in a 42 tweezer rotation machine that literally pulls your hairs out from the roots, leaving your legs and underarms hair free and smooth, you also get different heads for different body areas including your underarms, bikini and legs. It is a great little invention but fuck me, I do warn you the first time you use it I advise you to take 2 painkillers 40min before you start your first epilation, because I have never felt such intense pain in my life. YAY to no more shaving though and no more embarrassing long under arm hair moments! 

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