23 January 2011

A Marvelous Imaginary Realm.

As the darkness decends on your once saved soul,
you go back to a place which I’ll never know.
You once were an innocent little girl, in Daddy's oyster you were the pearl.
You had it all on a tray, everything you could've wished for, but then you strayed.
Your road did fork like many do, but you chose the path not right for you.
You chose a path of no return, now in your own hell your soul will burn.

You crush and hurt those who care, then curl in a ball and cry in despair.
Just like Alice you fell in a hole, and the further you go you lose more control.
Will you ever rise above it all, or will you do again, will you just fall?

Was it everything you wished, as you soared through the sky, 
chasing the Dragon while we said goodbye.
So many have helped you, so many have tried but they’ve all washed their hands, their knots they've untied.
Now they lie on the floor broken and alone, the people you left, while you sit on your throne.

You got what you want you’re Queen of it all, but as quick as you rose is as quick as you’ll fall.
You were lead by stardust inticed and controlled, and unto the devil your soul you have sold.
You’ve reached a point of no return you break Daddy's heart and Mommy still yearns,
she yearns for her princess who can not be saved,
while YOUR knight in shining armour leads you to your grave.

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