25 July 2012

A Communication Breakdown

Hmmmm...... Ever played these two and really listened?!

17 July 2012

Dark Was the Night

Above are some of my all time favourite artists- many who have gone on to inspire some of history's most iconic and influential bands. Can any one find the link between all of the above?

16 July 2012

Blue Monday

Monday Blues anyone?!

9 July 2012

Love That Lasts Forever

So, today I have attached three really amazing songs by three incredible artists. This may not be everyone's 'cup of tea' but for me I find this so groovy and so so inspirational especially when it was set and the historical context in which this music was born. Many have tried but only few have really 'had the blues' and hit that point when they turned it into such splendor. For interesting reads on this era try Mezz Mezzrow 'Really The Blues' I found this book incredible and it really places you in that time period when all this pandemonium was occurring. One of my all time favourites. And if any of you out there have any bands/ musicians I should know about please share. 

2 July 2012

Lost & Found

It's been a while. I know. But I promise this is worth it. I saw Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher at 100 Club a while back as supporting acts for Kassidy. I was transfixed, could not take my eyes off that stage. 100 Club, originally scouted as a Jazz venue for its sound and set up has played host to some of the most infamous bands from punk to rock and what an amazing venue to see bands like this perform. The atmosphere is so amazing and intimate. I also saw Brother & Bones, who were mental. :) What a great night Stella, pints of wine and in the morning I woke up with  God Bless America on my fore arm and two massive new bands to start slutting off to my fellow people. Here is a sneak peek at the brilliance. Seriously, spread this gospel.