18 March 2013

Vitality in Substance

I must have the coolest Dad in the world. Look what I got up to this weekend. <3 <3 
On the Turntable so far:
1) Canned Heat & Johnny Lee Hooker
2) Bob Dylan
3) Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
4) The Doors
5) Janis Joplin!



Tuesday 12 March 2013- this day will haunt me for the rest of my life. I had heard this buzz about The Lumineers, by the time I heard their first song 'Flowers in Your Hair' I was addicted, I was hooked I wanted my fix and I wanted to see these guys live. I searched up and down for tickets but the Brixton show was sold out. 

Thank you Lord, for a good friend who happened to be able to hook me up! My word!! My life changed. Seeing them live was mind blowing, the entire audience, the entire time, was engrossed and hanging on every single note and every single word. The Lumineers. Changed. My. Life! If you get the chance please go watch them. They made my heart so incredibly happy. :)