19 February 2011


It's Saturday afternoon. It's over cast and drizzly, what's new hey?! The hopes of Spring are no where to be seen and I honestly could have sworn they were poking their buds out last week. Hell, it was 12 degrees. I think I even produced a little sweat droplet. Was oddly refreshing. The silver lining to this is that all the foliage is excessively green. 

Any way, I am listening to this song. John Prine inspired a lot of artists I love the tranquil, pastoral country effect it has on the soul. Lovely. Skip his story telling part if you wish, the actual song starts at about 2.25. That is the beauty of country music- always inspired by a story. They look at life as a story book pulling inspiration from people, places, situations and writing and releasing it through music. If only we were all that talented. However conscious or not you are this afternoon this song is utterly moving. Happy Saturday! x

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