10 February 2011

HMV Next Big Thing 07/02/2011


Kill It Kid


Young The Giant

I have completed my review from Monday nights gig in Camden. Can I say AMAZIIIIIING!! This is the intro I worked on. Probably shorten it. Made it personal. Who am I in the Music industry to give critique?! So I went on how everything made ME feel. Hope you get it!

'It’s Tuesday the 8th February 2011 and I wake up in a house in Archway with a banging head ache, bruised knees the remains of a splinter in my thumb and an excruciating pain in my neck. What the fuck happened last night? Groaning, I roll over and on the contrary to my state of being it’s a sunny day outside, which obviously is rather noteworthy for London, but the intensity of the light is hurting my eyes and my head feels like it is about to explode in on itself. I get up and hesitatingly make the trek back to the countryside of Goring-on-Thames, the idea of being so far away from London is very soothing right now. The truth is yesterday morning I felt like shit, being in the genesis of my monthly torture my ovaries throbbing I was not in the slightest bit interested in going to mission to North London to watch Kassidy, Young The Giant or Kill It Kid and truth was I had never heard of the last two bands, neither did I put any interest in finding out about them, I was feeling very sorry for myself. But a few hours later, numerous pain killers, countless cups of coffee and few wasted hours in Covent Garden I felt a lot better, by this time it was around 4:00pm and I had to make a decision, so I made my way over to my friends house precarious about my decision, however soon the excitement was seeping out of me. Why we love friends, she welcomed me with a beer glass of white wine and some Alexis on Fire blaring, legend. I could feel every inch of me was dying to get to the gig and check out the prodigious band, Kassidy, live. I knew the gig was sold out and loaded with a water bottle of left over white wine we headed to Camden Barfly for HMV Next Big Thing, a little early to guarantee a good spot.'

All words and photograph's by yours truly.

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