21 February 2011


A mixture of photo's, necklaces varied some from Barbara's Antique shop, H&M, Topshop, and gem
finds on eBay. Cameo Ivory & Gold Lady. Orange almond flower from Italy (gift)

Antique Ivory bracelet (been in my family for over 100 years- thanks Gran) antique gold & amethyst ring, mixture of Pandora jewelry and grunge silver, Jim Morrison (obsessed) badge , MAC concealer 


        Cross from an Antique store, Porcelain Doll in 'dress up'  (present from my Gran  when I was 12), mixture of costume and real gold jewelry 

Jimi Hendrix lighter (stolen from Sister), Mixture of perfumes on antique silver tray Cacharel- Amor Amor, Ninna Ricci- Premeire Jour, CK One, Burberry- Weekend, Silver spike bracelet- Topshop, 
St Christopher.

I love how this 'mess' gives you a little insight into me. From perfumes, to jewellery's to inherited family heirlooms and beauty products. I love how deeply into me this one picture shows.

I was looking at my dressing table the other day and thought is that messy?! See, to me a place that personal almost becomes a canvas. You sketch and paint and create something beautifully artistic through everything that is near and dear to you. You mix and clash personality, memories, fashion, style. 

Every one finds inspiration in different places. To me it is the people who surround me. I have some very delightful friends in London and I take a lot of inspiration from them. All with distinctly different personalities and their style reflecting that, I love being around these girls. I also find myself browsing throw my Dad's old photographs and I get a lot of inspiration from there I love many things about the 70's and 80's including jean styles and fabric washe and with thanks to the likes of Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Guns n Roses and a few other bands who made leather studs and torn anything that much more fucking awesome. 

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