28 February 2011

My Little Heaven

I am moving next week for the 7th time in 2 years. I can not believe this. I have had a massive love/hate relationship with the excitement of moving in. And after the 6th time I vowed to myself I would not move in anywhere unless I could call it a home with friends rather than flatmate's, and home rather than a house. I wanted a nice decent lounge and a garden for braai's (BBQ's) in the summer and to know I wouldn't have to move for a while.

Bedroom inspiration

I have found my perfect sanctuary, so the excitement has started to mount excessively and I am making sure I have everything I want to make this my little heaven. I will be trying to sneak my huge Jim Morrison canvas banner into the lounge and my Jimi Hendrix framed poster in the hallway. Too excited. Fingers crossed! Woohoo, pre-drink's at mine!

Dressing table inspiration
Images edited by me some images by Nina Holst and Bubblegarm

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