8 March 2011

Tiny Dancer

So I have vanished off the face of the earth a little. It is extremely worrying how much we rely on Internet and social networking sites in order to feel part of the 'circle of life', when you live so far away from some friends and family. But alas, I am back, laced with fibre-optic broadband. (Let's see just how much faster it really is). It is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day in the UK, where you indulge in the fatty forbidden foods of Lent- sugar, butter and eggs, so woolah! pancakes it is. Now to find something to give up for 40days? Any ideas? As well as being National Women's Day, today has been pandemonium. A massive four season lounge clean, scrub and spit-polish, painters in, Internet connected, people in and out but I did get to luxuriate in a little time with the lovely Megan Galt and Stephanie Silva over countless cups of tea. Astonishing how a little quality time with friends can soothe the soul.

Today has been hectic to say the least. But now, I lie on my bed, blaze' to the million things that need doing around my room and I'm having some me time. It really is such a placid thing to do once in a while when the world seems to take a massive shit on you. So to the ladies out there here is a song by Shaggy, LOOOVE the lyrics, and to all the others out there here is an even greater song. Ace! To new beginnings.

Happy Women's Day!

What a musical genius, to new beginnings!

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