28 March 2011

Skinny Love

Right, so doors close and windows open. It is amazing what you can achieve when you put all your faith in it. We all have so much to be grateful for, health, sanity, friends and family, houses and food. It really is so easy to forget what we have to and sit back and pine and wish and wallow and complain. I think we can all agree with me here. It is easy to go about blaming and wallowing. There are people who are a lot more worse off than you and I. Message someone you love but don't talk to often, compliment a random and smile people. FOR HEAVENS SAKE SMILE! The world needs more happiness, love and light. Acknowledge and be thankful for at least one thing every day. This album For Emma, Forever Ago is sensationally enslaving. Here is a beautiful song for all the beautiful souls out there. 

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Klaudia said...

LOVE this song too much! and you ;)

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