29 March 2011

Cosmic Aye

I am feeling a little apprehensive at the thought of doing my first music interview, so I have been planning as much as possible to try come up with an interesting and unique way to go about this. I have premeditatively abandoned the idea altogether and pretended time will solve it. FAIL! I have preplanned my exact wording, hand gestures, vocabulary and questions intricately. EPIC FAIL. And I have thought about playing the whole oh-so-effortlessly-blaze-cool-calm-and-collected approach. TRIPLE EPIC FAIL! So what am I left with?! The thing is I am still scratching my head here! Well, there is a kinda raw red spot where the confidence in my music capabilities used to spore from. Obviously top priority is that it goes smoothly however I don't want to fall into the cracks.

This is a shameful thing to admit..... I do feel intimidated and a little 'uneducated' when it comes to something that is well... maybe considered more a 'man's job'. Now believe me when I say the feminist swimming about inside is kicking the living shit out of me as I reluctantly type this and I am not one to recoil into a stationary position of uncertainty BUT I am having a potential catastrophic moment here. I shall stand up and conquer and take this first step of my musical childhood journey and hope for the best without any epic fails. So I guess I should prepare what material I can, have a beer or two, forget about the camera (which is kinda ambitious when my other job relies on nothing less than that) and just try to have a normal conversation. Hm mm... divide and conquer!

So I am doing my first in person interview with the multi talented Cosmo Jarvis. Singer, songwriter, performer, composer and short film maker, which individually is a handful in itself, but he singlehandedly nails them all. So after my complete bait out for the past 6 hours, I am actually just going to sit back, take a breather, and just get plain ampt to see such a passionate, young, talented kid rock the fuck off that stage and get my dictionary bulging. I mean have you ever heard a song written about gay pirates. Excitement mounts! Watch this space peeps. x

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