23 March 2011


Well, I’ll tell you a story of whiskey and mystics and men, 
And about the believers and how the whole thing began.
First there were women and children obeying the moon,
Then daylight brought wisdom and fever and sickness too soon.

You can try to remind me instead of the other, you can.
You can help to insure that we all insecure our command.
If you don’t give a listen, I won’t try to tell your new hand.
This is it; can’t you see that we all have our ends in the band

And if all of the teachers and preachers of wealth were arraigned,
We could see quite a future for me in the literal sands.

And if all the of people could claim to inspect such regrets,
well, we’d have no forgiveness, forgetfulness, faithful remorse.

So I tell you, I tell you, I tell you we must send away
We must try to find a new answer instead of a way
-The Doors.

I imagine I am a Native American Indian riding the back of a beautiful thoroughbred white and brown horse. Galloping through the plains, as free and swift as the wind. The sun scorching down, I find a cool place to reflect. I visioned lying on the slightly damp soil, while the beautiful beast drinks from a fresh stream, the sounds of birds and the voices of the flowers on the wind. The stillness of nature and the sweet smells of the forest. I walk through the water and bath in the waterfall, nude. Leaving my clothes in a messy pile resembling the natural build up of leaves. Appreciating the immense surroundings of what God created with one breath. I take an enormous breath of fresh forest air and nearly choke on the purity of it. Humming to myself adapting the tune to the distant beating of tribe drums and harmonies. Searching my soul for my deepest desire..... *FUCK* I snap out of it when I'm nearly hit by a bus. 'THANKS' I bellow after it, somehow feeling a little better. Today was one of the most beautiful days in what seems like a lifetime of overcast, dull, lifeless monotonous grey London. I took a long walk and started daydreaming about forests and open plains and waterfalls and serenity and calm and beauty. 

Well my dream sticks with me all day and I feel like an earth child out of her comfort zone. I scrummage through my wardrobe to find what ever it is I can. Like a drug addict in a medicine cabinet discarding what doesn't calm my fix frenzy. I need to live this, I need to feel this. Too my amazement I see how many items of clothes I have that could be ideal for this scenario. Without my knowledge I have bought pieces closely resembling that of Native American Indians. Is this in my blood? Am I a bird with clipped wings in London? Is it the image of a massive eagle? Has this been brought on by what I am re-reading in Jim Morrison's autobiography? The story of the Native American's? Am I thinking too much? Ahhhh..... I dress in these clothes. My heart pounding, waiting for the fix to kick in, I flop on my bed, spread eagle, my big brimmed hat covering my eyes, fresh air coming in and my incense lit. I have my head phones on and the sounds of pipes and drums beating in my head. This culture fascinates me. I think I will be living it for a while. Maybe it's a fad or a now. But I am going to love this. I Googled a few things to see what came up and I found this INCREDIBLE Parisian fashion label called Moonchild. I want everything on it NOW. What a lovely fashion inspiration, now I can live my day dream partially everyday. Dream people! Don't forget to dream because what's in your heart is in your dreams. Live them and be truly content. Love. x


Melissa said...

great jumper!



High Heals & Goats Cheese said...

Amazing hey. Love the whole style and feel of the Native Americans x

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