24 March 2011

Fantabulous Night to make Romance

The view from my apartment window.

Cherry Blossoms & Blue skies. Welcome, you were missed!

So we have been blessed with amazing weather in London the past couple of days. I have almost forgiven London for being so dull, lifeless and grey for most of the past few months. I have forgiven her for extending her winter solace. One beautiful day can make you forget about all the dreary ones. Your bitterness defrosts with the cold, and melts away into a happy liquid of emotions. I guess on the bright side you learn how to appreciate the beauty of the sunlight and not take any sunny day for granted. Or maybe it's the antipodean in me, being used to the constant tropical climate of eastern South Africa.

Nevertheless, I got stuck in the garden, danced, sung and have been utterly happy over and above the shitty depressive feelings I have been battling lately. So celebrating the epic full moon a few days back- as if someone had roped her closer to the earth and the intensity of sunlight- I have a happy song, a beautiful happy song. Although it's about Autumn it makes me happy and enjoy this time of year. Happy soon-to-be-spring everybody in the Northern hemisphere. x


Megan Galt said...

dude you are amazing- i dont even know how you come up with this wording!!!!xxx

Klaudia said...

ah Tam! Beautiful pics! Keep singing that happy song x x x

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