5 September 2013

Colossal Trojans

Saturday consisted of an old train ride, complete with thick wood stub tickets and a carriage, into Wallingford for the annual BunkFest. It was a lovely day and the main stage was towering over tons of families and their picnics and guarded by flea market stalls selling loads of hippy stuff! IT was a lovely day I got to spend with my parents. Anyway, that’s my story. What made this day so very special as discovering Ahab, a sensational four front man strong harmonious guitar playing band. Mandolin, banjo, harmonica and harmonies (pretty much sums it up). But rather than listen to my waffle, check them out yourselves. Support them guys, please! They will be playing at Borderline in London on 19 October 2013. You will not be disappointed. Check them out here! Buy their music here! But, by crickey, make sure you see them live here!

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