28 April 2011


Today is a cracker yet again in London. We have been blessed with incredible weather. I went to the Kassidy gig again on Tuesday and it ended in a 7:00am home return, first tubes, early birds and me left in the stale left overs of the night before trying not to fall asleep on the tubes and buses. But man on man! What a beautiful bunch of guys. It is very rare for me me to connect with people so intensely in such a short amount of time. Those boys are not only talented but amazing people who just rock the fuck outta life and I feel honored to know them. We had a 3.30am music sessions listening to John Prine, Dolly Parton, The Doors and Robert Johnson, real Delta blues, and alternating between red wine, beers and good ol' Mr Tennessee himself, mad taxi missions around London and not the mention the fucking mental gig they played. Euphoric. Now that my body clock is back to normal I am spending my Thursday listening to a great legend and little addiction of mine. Have a wicked long weekend! x

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