16 May 2011


So it has been a while, a long while in fact, since my last blog post. Although I promised I would not neglect the only thing that sets me free- writing, I have sadly done so the past few weeks. Long weekends came and went, work started and ended, college interview attended and left uncertain now awaiting to hear the verdict, fingers crossed and pride intact, for now. So my feet are starting to grow roots on Mud Island for the first time since planting them here 2 and a bit years ago. Mostly, I am happy. I feel I am on my road and sitting in my Corvette road tripping along what ever this road has to offer me. And after a beautiful music session with a good friend my song of choice is from Canned Heat, the sound track to Woodstock and the sound track to my journey. Let's see what it brings. I wouldn't mind a few extra bucks in my pocket but happiness far out weighs the heaviness of the pocket, so I am told! But nevertheless I am on a good highway and in an even better mood. My lack of photographic posts are due to the disappearance of my USB chord which I KNOW is somewhere. So when I get that I will be providing my life through the lens of a camera and through my Diana Mini which I haven't managed to get out yet. To a great summer and the possibilities of an even greater year ahead and to being free.

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