24 May 2011

Streetfest 2011






London is the hub of things to do in terms of art, music and various other exciting wondrous things. This Bank Holiday (yes ANOTHER one but hey I am not complaining) Sunday, Shoreditch is the place to be. More in terms of the creative minds- than that of the level of street cred one usually gains from  aimlessly hanging around there holding up walls and pavements. I am thrilled to announce the Streetfest 2011 which unites creatives from various genres of awesomeness including illustrators, film makers, artists, skaters, musicians and writers. It is a whole day celebrating the talents of those born to divulge their thoughts and emotions through a creative manner and arouse all the human senses. An embarrassing tenner is all it costs and the whole day of festivities will be worth more than one orange Queen's face. You will be guaranteed to hear the plangent cries of many people whilst their heads are being blown off by amazing UK homegrown talent. So get your cool on and head down to East London for a stupendous day of mind blowing art entertainment. Big Love peeps. xx

(Images curtosey of urban-nerds.com; Time out London; bsupreme.co.uk)

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