7 April 2011


So I have been rather ambitious and listening around for some new stuff. Now this is great however I am getting 50 Production Sample CD's to listen to and write and Introductory piece on, so loads of new stuff should be coming up. Yes this is going to be a bit tedious however I shall embrace the intensity of coming across something amazing and I look forward to hearing  some potentially mind blowing music. I have come across a few new bands and am loving Brand New at the moment. What an epic album. Enjoy it. I am interviewing Funeral For A Friend tomorrow night at The Grove Tavern in South Wimbledon, nice change from the over used North London music scene and it's promised to be a good gig. Looking forward to it. Cosmo Jarvis interview will be up soon soon. I promise! He is an amazingly talented guy and his live performances are definitely worth watching. And this amazing weather.x

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