27 September 2011

Black Vinyl White Powder

I am reading a fascinating book, Black Vinyl White Powder, on the British music culture from the 50's to modern times. I have learnt how massively the gay scene impacted, the drug scenes impact and how various other factors influenced who, what and how records were sold. I learnt that different musical 'genres' and artists used different drugs and how those certain drugs influenced the sound. I found an epic example of this. Hound Dog sung by Big Mama Thornton, and her choice of drug- marijuana- resulted in the laid back, 'stoner' sound of this song. Black country was delivered laid back and often reminiscent of a slurring sound as a result from the use of weed. When comparing this epic version to that of Elvis' version and how the early white rock n roll was fulled by the never ending hyperactivity from the use of amphetamine/speed, you can easily see the contrast in sounds. I find this mind blowing and as Simon Napier-Bell wrote 'Same song. Different drug.' It truly gives you insight into what, how and who influenced various styles and how lifestyle and even political on goings caused a chain reaction to music. Any takers?? ;) So I will be updating any interesting facts or info I find in here.

Also due to the fact I am now officially a student at London College of Fashion I will also be adding a lot more fashion orientated epic findings and keep you up to date on interesting facts, projects, findings, research discoveries and anything else I might think you will enjoy. The assignments are intriguing and the lectures inspirational. So watch closely.

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