11 September 2011

Heart of my heart

So I am sure everyone at some point has been in a situation or instance in life when you felt something be it happiness or sadness or love or jealousy or rage. You felt an emotion or thoughts so deeply however it seemed impossible to express. Well this if how I felt when I sat back and tried to express, somehow, to my sister on her 21st, just how much she means to me. I scratched my head and tried to figure out what and how to say what I felt in my heart. So here it is, everything I could possibly try and say to her but never found a way of releasing it until I finally put pen to paper. 

You would have been too tiny to ever recall
The day I sat by your side and promised my all
The things I promised you on the day you were born
A list of promises on my life I had sworn
I was the little age of no more than three
when I realised what my reason on earth would be­
You were the most precious thing I’d ever hold in my hands
And I promised the world by you I’d always stand
I promised that with my every single breath
I would be there to protect you until my death
I promised that no one would take you away
And I promised on my life on that special day
That the tiny bundle of joy in my hand I did hold
I would treasure forever more than diamonds or gold

Because no one single person who walked this earth
would ever deserve or understand just what you are worth
because to me, you see, you were my world
The reason I breathed as over my fingers yours curled
And from then I knew, even though you no word you could utter
That our hearts understood what my mouth did mutter

And I promised, as side by side were grew up bigger,
Just me and my baby sister together forever,
That no body could hurt you, just let them try
For it’s always killed me to see my baby sister cry
And as Batman had Robin, and Sonny had Cher
everywhere that you went I was always there
And as Bonnie had Clyde and Adam had Eve
you were made for greatness, in you I always believe

It’s been so many years so many ups and downs
So many tears and laughter confusion and frowns
And when we didn’t agree on one thing or another
I know sometimes you wish that you’d had a brother
But I know that wishing was driven by rage
Because you my world grow better with age
We’ve had our fights and screaming matches
The tantrums, the boys, the kissing catchers
But together we always stood extra tall
Hand in hand, with you as my all

And little sister you lost and your heart did break
I tried to make a deal with God to not let it ache
He said to me that he had to let you learn
that heartache will come before happiness returns
and I said I would do whatever it takes
and I begged him not to let my sisters heart break
And although that time I couldn’t take it away
I was holding your hand every step of the way
So when you’re lonely and lost and feeling confused
When you’re hurting and aching and your is heart bruised
I’ll dust off your knees and pick up the pieces
I’ll hold you closer and iron out the creases
I’ll kiss your cheeks and wipe away all your tears
I’ll whisper you secrets to abolish your fears

Because today's your day you turn 21
You’ll be given a key, your life has begun
no mountains too high nor rivers too wide
nothing will happen to you, with me by your side
Together we’ll take on mountains and stars
And I’d let you go but I’d never be far
Because now you are old enough to understand
I’ll be close behind but I must let go of your hand
You are the reason I take every breath
and the thing I’ll love most until my death
So I want you to remember every single day
that I’ve promised to be there every step of the way


onedaybox said...

this is beautiful<3

Samantha Leigh Scholl said...

as you know I LOVE this Tam!! Amazing!!

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