15 September 2011

Sweet Dreaming

So Monday night, thanks to my better half, was celebrated in North London at Ed Sheeran's album launch party. It was a wonderful little gathering with many creatives and talented individuals celebrating Ed's success on his album + which was released on Monday. Ed has something that some of us only dream of having, and that is ambition and drive and the will to succeed. Ed self released 5 EP's before he signed to a record label. I have seen Ed on numerous occasions from small intimate poetry events to bigger events. The great thing is that Ed, as a song writer, was involved a lot in the Spoken Word scene and I am guessing being around lyrical geniuses inspired him to likewise be one such creative. So big up to Ed for going for something he wants more than anything else in the world and not letting anyone get in his way, nor dye the colour of his hair. :).  We all love and support him very much and I am not alone in saying he is an inspiration to any aspiring artist on how perseverance and faith get you to higher places. If we could all take a page out of Ed's book. Find your light and your dream and your goal and don't let anything or anyone stop you. Now I ask what kind of person are you? One who watches things happen or one who makes things happen? 

On another note, we got talking to a lovely young man from Mitcham, Mr Clement Marfo, who is a talented rapper and charming young man too, which goes to show that down to earth, realness is much more attractive than arrogance and pompousness. It is always so exhilarating meeting new people and especially when they are just so bewitching. Clement has just aired his new video 'Overtime' on youtube and received 11 000 hits in 24hrs. Big up to him for making things happen too. London is so full of amazing potential and talented individuals who deserve to be credited. My mission is to spread this talent to the depths of Southern Africa and hopefully around the world to see what great artists are battling it out in the U.K. So again, I take my hat off to Clement Marfo & The Frontline and wish him and his crew all the best for a bright future. 

Hopefully, guys like this will encourage the lost souls of this generation to turn their efforts to creating and finding an outlet, be it creative or otherwise, rather than creating scenes of carnage and crime. Let's try save this world- one song at a time and communicate on various levels through music and lyrics. It's the only thing, besides breathing, that unites everyone no matter the ethnicity, age, gender, background or social level. Come on people it starts with us! Big love x

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