8 September 2011


At my pathetic attempt to keep my blog up to date I have realised it has been almost 3 months. Disgusting, disgraceful and embarrassing on my part. But in my defense I was away in Turkey for my little (now not so little) sisters 21st, albeit only a week, I have also been preparing for College this month. So, now my frail excuses have been given I shall be posting a few late, rather late than never, posts on the on-goings the past few months. And they will be great reads as they include a VIP Iron Maiden experience, a long over due Hog Hoggidy Hog gig in London and a poem written, by me, for my sister. 

So in the meantime I will post back on the last memorable experience which included eating up my 3G data on a dirty 2am bus trip home with one of the most beautiful people I know. Lee Thompson, trumpet player for the South African Pork Rock band, Hog Hoggidy Hog. Lee has performed and played alongside many of South African's Iconic bands including The Springbok Nude Girls and Golliwog to name a few. Also as a session musician for the likes of Goldfish, Die Antwoord and Freshlyground. So basically an extremely talented individual.......  Now...back to my story after my little rant of bragging. So on this bus of death trip we somehow got onto the music of the 90's and some of the great musicians that came out of this decade. The obvious few would include Nirvana and The Pixies but one which we really loved was The Cranberries, an Irish band which many of you out there will know and likewise love. So many great hits and the best thing we found about this band is how all the memories of this music stirs the deepest and most often happiest memories of your past. So, I have to chose two great ones to accompany this post, I am not saying they are the best, but possibly my best. Get your browser on youtube and tap into memory lane. I guarantee you it will put a smile on your face when the memories come flooding back. Enjoy and many apologies for my pathetic lack of posting.. 

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