7 June 2011


There are some music writers out there that are on a completely different level to society. They find a feeling, an instance, a moment in time and record it in such a way that it appeals to thousands and becomes timeless. Tracy Chapman is one such creative. Her song 'Remember The Tinman' describes- in such a beautiful story- someone who questions the debris of a loved one who has only the remains of a shattered heart and broken soul from a toxic ex love. It captures the feeling and results in such a beautiful way that you feel for and with the song. Life's so short. Let things free, let them fly and don't let them cloud your soul or decay your heart. Don't let someone who doesn't deserve hold onto you, because all it does it prevent you from being your utmost best. Mourn it, let it crush you and break you, let the anger fill your heart... but then..... let it go, let it free. Everyone has a history but don't let that be all you are about. 

The underlying story of The Tin Man in The Wizard Of Oz is a story worth knowing. Like Chapman wrote 'Remember the Tinman found he had what he thought he lacked, remember the Tinman find your heart and take it back'. Big love peeps. x

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